Space Pavilion & Tech Talks

Space 4.0: The New Era

The Space Pavilion returns to the Dubai Airshow in 2019 to showcase the technological innovations driving the commercial space revolution and future space missions.

This year the pavilion will include lots of new features including; Space Tech Talks, focused on the new space economy and future space innovation, Private Briefings by International Space Agencies on upcoming projects, launches and new technology requirements, and the Space Pavilion itself, which will showcase the latest products and solutions on offer.

Influential partners

Produced in collaboration with the UAE Space Agency, to address future missions and projects within the UAE whilst providing a global outlook into investment and innovation.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 12, we are welcoming back Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret., Command Module Pilot, Apollo 15 as Keynote Speaker this year.

Influential Speakers

The event will bring a broad spectrum of speakers, from astronauts to satellite engineering pioneers, to explore emerging space developments.

Space Tech Talks

The Space Tech Talks will be jam packed with ideas, innovations and technology! Join Space Agencies as they talk about redefining business models to boost space mission success. Leaders at the forefront of the sector will unveil advancements in; rocket tech, space debris, cubesat quality improvement, satellite communication & cyber security along with the latest STEM education projects.


  • Global progression of space technology

    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 12 and review the global progression of space technology

  • Miniaturisation technology

    Source the latest miniaturized solutions driving the commercial space industry

  • The New Space Economy

    Explore the New Space economy and investment opportunities that are transforming the industry

  • Global collaboration to explore deep space

    Find out about upcoming global collaborative space exploration projects: The global exploration roadmap

Be part of this growing market...

  • Global revenue increased by 3% to $277.4 billion in 2018
  • Satellite manufacturing revenues increased by 26%
  • Launch industry revenues increased by 34%
  • Mobility and broadband satellite service markets showed growth, overall satellite services segment revenues decreased 1.7%
  • Ground equipment revenues increased by 5%

Source Bryce Space and Technology

Why Attend?

  • Gain exclusive access to global space agencies who will showcase practical solutions with case studies
  • Expand your network by leveraging business with; satellites operators, space stations, investors and manufactures
  • Take advantage and explore the Dubai Airshow, gain access to over 87,000 visitors from around the globe 

Who should attend?

Taking place within the Dubai Airshow, this event is aimed at both the global space sector and wider aerospace industry that utilise space technology and services. 



Government, international space agencies, satellite operators, launch services,  satellite manufacturing & systems, small sat developers, start ups & research institutes.