Space Tech Talks

The new Space Tech Talks will be jam packed with ideas, innovations and technology. View the latest seminar programme below.

Day One, Monday 18th November:  Discovering the commercial space revolution

10:30 Opening comments - moderator 

10:40 Keynote presentation
  • UAE Space Station Vision
11:00 Raising funding to accelerate space technology
  • Seeking foreign and local investment to help drive the emerging space sector and contribute to the economic growth 
  • Unlock the possibilities and drive innovation with public-private partnerships
  • Discover your PPP strategy: Creating mutually beneficial partnerships and aligning the long-term objectives
  • Evaluating what space technologies can be used for commercial purposes, and encourage support businesses to invest
11:30 Panel: Promoting global collaboration to explore deep space
  • Aligning goals, mitigating risk and collaborating with the private sector to support space exploration 
  • Creating innovation platforms that can be shared with private entities who are exploring opportunities in low Earth orbit 
  • With the breakdown of ISS pending, how will this continue?
  • Upcoming global collaborative space exploration projects: The global exploration roadmap
  • Providing economical reliable and safe access to space
12:00 Disrupting the space industry with new business models 
  • Exploring the low-cost business model of small satellites to generate new revenue streams
  • Unleashing the potential of technology transfer to accelerate major sectors: healthcare, aviation, telecommunication and agriculture 
  • Revamping traditional business models and applying the sharing economy concept to space asset management
  • Exploring the off the shelf solutions for; subsystems manufacturing, launch services development, ground stations
12:30 What are the challenges of satellite miniaturization? 
  • Additive manufacturing and miniaturization of electronics: ensuring quality over quantity 
  • Exploring commercially available miniaturized technology
  • Discovering emerging space technologies that are fueling the space boom: Cubesat and Nanosatellites 
13:00 Facilitating safe and efficient air traffic management with satellites: ADS-B
  • Assessing the benefits of ADS-B; situational awareness and self-separation
  • Significantly reducing  co2 emissions and fuel use with tracking technology 
  • Upgrading and enhancing aviation infrastructure and operations
  • Satellite-based aircraft surveillance network: solving aircraft disappearance. Malaysia Airlines
13:30 Forecasting the aerospace weather chaos 
  • Exploring the price of satellite data and weather predictability – what are the implications?
  • Developing an automated method to recognize those characteristics in data from different sources
  • How accurate weather forecasts increases flight safety, promotes efficiency and reduces fuel usage. 
  • Streamlining your airport operations with predictive airport analytics 
13:55 closing comments


Day Two, Tuesday 19th November:  Future space innovation: Space 3.0

10:30 Opening comments - moderator
10:40 Keynote presentation 
11:00 NASA Interview Apollo 12, 50-year anniversary
  • Celebrating the last 50 years reviewing the key milestones  
11:30 Panel: Navigating from space: exploring GNSS capabilities 
  • Engaging stakeholders in the development of innovative GNSS application services
  • Assessing the satellites; Galileo, Glonass, Beidou
12:00 The new rockets racing to make space affordable
  • Spearheading launch innovation with Air Launch to Orbit: Stratolaunch
  • Exploring the capabilities of reusable rockets VS, the higher costs and reduced payload 
  • Reviewing heavy rockets: Falcon Heavy rocket, Delta IV Heavy rocket, Nasa’s Space Launch System and Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • Dramatically lowering costs and increasing space access with reusable vehicles and multi-payload cluster rockets
12:30 How much value can be unlocked from space technology: Evaluating the industries which will benefit 
  • Accurately predicting weather forecasts to estimate the impact on ATC  
  • Discovering how commercialization is accelerating industries such as; telecommunication, GPS, agriculture, broadband & healthcare.
  • Covering the rising global demand for broadband, IOT and Big Data
  • Promoting agile software development: Moving IT to the space sector
13:00 Harnessing smart manufacturing potential to drive down costs
  • Modernizing manufacturing: How to build the satellite of the future 
  • Increasing production efficiency through digitization
  • Cutting down lead times and improving stakeholder visibility with IOT 
  • Rearranging your workflows and value streams with smart manufacturing 
13:30 Panel:  Strengthening the knowledge economy  through STEM education
  • Exploring the future of aerospace engineers 
  • Preparing for the Emirates Hope Mars Mission: Lowering manufacturing costs with home grown talent
  • How will the Mars Science City prepare the future generation? 
  • Positioning UAE competitive international hub for space sector to unleash visionary new ideas 
  • Fusing human and tech capabilities to build a new generation of space workforce
13:55 closing comments
Additional Sessions:
Improving aero connectivity with satellites: Facebooks mission to connect the world
  • Exploring the possibilities of nano- satellites – Voice and text communications (SAS)
  • Reducing the digital divide: developing countries with connectivity
Preserving the space environment for future space exploration missions
  • Meeting environmental requirements with innovative solutions such RemoveDEBRIS satellite 
  • Who is responsible for space junk and how we can protect the space environment? 
  • Protecting your assets with hardened collision proof satellites 
  • How to deorbit a satellite? Stratollites, balloons, sails, tethers and propulsion
Security and the new era of space activities
  • Address the growing concern about jamming technology that can interfere with ground-to-space communications
  • Who regulates space security? What measures can be adopted?
National space security: collaborating and sharing data between space agencies 
  • How can we grow the space industry and drive down costs without hindering security?
Eradicating interference with satellite communication 
  • Transmitting larger quality information, in less time with lasers 
  • Growing the value of satellite by increasing bandwidth and data exchange 
  • Exploring the latest antenna demands: energy efficient, light weight, reliability