Exhibition and Sponsorship

With strong industry support for the Space Pavilion, and for the wider Dubai Airshow, don’t miss out on the chance to position your company alongside top buyers and global brands within this rapidly growing market.

Why Exhibit or Sponsor?

Access top decision makers - The Space Pavilion & Tech Talks attracts senior level leaders from space agencies, satellite operators & manufacturers and the space industry around the world

Enter new markets - One of the most effective ways to enter new markets is to sponsor niche, focused events which will allow you to access your qualified target market

Demonstrate your company’s expertise - Through focused speaking sessions and panel discussion you will have the opportunity to deliver your value proposition to the regions’ biggest space and satellite  buyers

Launch a new product or service - With major space industry decision makers attending the Space Pavilion & Tech Talks, along with aviation media publications and reporters, use this event to announce your new product or service to the market

Company branding & positioning - With strong industry support for this event, don’t miss out on the chance to position your company alongside top buyers and global brands

Maintain existing relationships - Nothing beats face time with a customer, supporting industry events not only gives you access to new prospects, but gives you valuable time with existing clients


Take advantage of the Dubai Airshow

This event is aimed at the global space sector as well as the wider aerospace industry that utilise space technology and services. As it takes place within the Dubai Airshow, exhibitors can take part in the focused Space pavilion, whilst also taking advantage of everything else the show has to offer and access to over 87,000 visitors from around the globe. 
The 2019 edition will see a number of dedicated feature areas and conferences return to the show along with some new additions: Cargo Connect, Global Air Traffic Managment and of course the Space Pavilion and Tech Talks. Contact us today to book.